Sports & Movement Therapy


A2B Sports & Movement Therapy has clinics based in Keswick and Dalston, Cumbria. With 10 years experience in health and fitness including personal training, group fitness and sports massage.


The approach at A2B Sports & Movement Therapy is on treatment and prevention to ensure everyday living is enjoyed.

Our Vision:


To provide a high quality service and treatments to all our clients to ensure everyday living is enjoyed whether in your sport, work or play.

Reduce Stress

Improve Movement

Reduce Pain/Inflammation

Improve performance

Faster recovery from injury

We offer a range of treatments for all types of injuries. We will assess you to determine the correct treatment for you whether it is sports massage, corrective exercise or a combination of both.


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Mobile Therapy

A2B Sports & Movement Therapy provides a mobile service including home, business and sports club visits to Keswick and the surrounding area to allow minimum disruption to your lifestyle.


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What our Clients say

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